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I just got my new iPhone 7 in the mail the other day. Unfortunately, it was backordered at T-mobile, so I had to wait quite a while to get it. I believe it was about 4-5 weeks since I ordered it.

The body is sleek and sexy, like always. I opted for the flat black one. I really liked this color option. I have really been waiting for them to do a matte or flat all black finish for a while now, so I was very excited when I heard that the 7 would have that color option. It looks really slick, all blacked out – even the buttons on the side are all black. It’s really one of the best colors I’ve seen them come out with on any product.

I also opted for the 7 Plus. This was the first time I have gone up the the plus size. I was originally worried that I wouldn’t like the size, but it quickly grew on me. I thought it might be a little big for my front pocket but I quickly found out it was not. It’s also not as large as I thought it would feel when holding it up to speak into it. I really enjoy the Plus size especially for the larger screen, which not only looks better, but also makes it much easier to be able to type with two hands. I had never been able to type my text messages with two hands, but now I can!

The camera on this thing is phenomenal. The pictures look incredibly good, especially from the 7 Plus which has the additional lens for auto focus. There is also a really need button you can press to quickly zoom in now instead of having to pinch to zoom when on the camera. That was a nice handy feature.

One feature I’m not too fond of yet is the lack of headphone jack. Now, every busted Apple’s balls over this and I have to say, as far as I can tell, they had every right to. I’m not a fan. It makes it a pain now to plug in headphones because you have to have the little dongle attachment. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left it in my car when I wanted it at my desk or I wanted it in my car and left it at my desk. The clear fix here would be to just purchase additional dongles, but the point is that I shouldn’t have to! I refuse to out of spite. There’s now just one more additional thing I have to carry around if I want to listen to the audio out of my iphone. It’s a bit of a bold move, and until the wireless earbuds become an actual thing, it’s going to be annoying.

Overall, I would say it’s not a huge upgrade from the 6S models. There is nothing earth shattering here that would make you HAVE to upgrade right this second, but like usual, Apple has made just enough tweaks to warrant an upgrade if you have one available with your carrier. The phone does seem to be just a tad bit more responsive, probably due to the upgraded hardware in the 7. Again, these updates are nice and are just enough to make all of the casual fans want to have it.

Great product, like usual.

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