The new Macbook Pro

Apple just announced their new Macbook Pro. This is the first new macbook pro that they have released in 5 years. Below is the video of the launch with Tim Cook.



Working with the Macbook Air


About 6 months ago, I picked up a brand new Macbook Air. I needed a new everyday, working laptop for my blogging. I had been using an older Macbook Pro from 2009 which had been my trust computer for years. I was very happy with that machine and it treated me very well, so I decided I would upgrade to a newer model. I actually decided to go with the Air rather than the Pro simply based on price. I figured unless I was doing some heavy motion graphics or video editing, the Macbook Air should fit my needs.

I am also a freelance web designer, so I was a bit concerned about how it would hold up in programs like Photoshop. I most recently designed and built for a local tree service company, and my new Macbook Air performed beautifully.

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